Our Fall 2022 Challenge Winner, Risa!


After working hard and training to trek to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest earlier this year (and having the most incredible experience), I had zero desire to continue pushing myself and just let it all go after accomplishing that goal. My health started to go down the drain and the autoimmune disease that I had put in remission previously started trying to rear its ugly head as a result. 

My sister sent me CSE cookbooks for my birthday and I will always be grateful. The challenge came at the perfect time to light a flame inside of me. Along with the weight loss, I not only sleep soundly through the night, I now wake up refreshed and have no need for a morning and afternoon nap. No naps needed at all (which is important with 4 kids)!! Also, inflammation is GONE! 

I’m feeling strong and dedicated to taking back my health, and I look forward to continuing to fan this flame with the good habits I’ve gotten into! Thank you Erika and JJ! 

P.S. I know my family has been blessed as my husband says he CANNOT live without the Chocolate Chip Protein Bites or the No-Bake Cookie Protein Bites in our freezer every week! How did he ever live without them?! 😆