November 08, 2022

Our Fall 2022 Beyond the Challenge Winner, Brittney!


This challenge has changed my outlook on my fitness journey forever. I've always approached my goal of 'losing weight' by extreme diets and lots and lots of cardio. With little to no success, I would eventually feel down and give up, and I found myself not achieving my goals. 

This challenge, I totally revamped my mindset, and I am blown away at how incredible I not only look, but how amazing I feel as well. For this challenge, I decided that I was going to focus on getting STRONG–emotionally, mentally, and physically. I decided that I wasn't going to focus on what the scale said, but focus on what my body was telling me. 

I started the challenge using 8-10 lb. weights. There were days where I wouldn't feel like working out, but I would keep pushing myself anyway. By week 5, I was using 15-20 lb. weights and I couldn't believe it. I have found myself with so much more energy and my kids are loving it! 

This challenge helped me realize that my diet doesn't have to be extreme; it is something that has become more of a lifestyle change than a temporary fix. Using the CSE recipes, I have found a balance for not only myself, but for my family as well. They have loved the food just as much as I have and I love that now that the challenge is over, I can continue to eat delicious meals and maintain my success! I'm so grateful for the CSE community and I'm excited to continue to get STRONG.

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Each season we host a free 7-week, community-based health and fitness challenge. We work hard, get our sweat on, and work together to motivate each other to reach our goals.

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