November 08, 2022

Our Fall 2022 Beyond the Challenge Winner, BJ!


A few years ago, my wife asked me to do a CSE Challenge with her. I ate the food my wife prepared and gave a halfhearted effort in healthy snacking and exercise. After the challenge, I quickly went back to the poor eating habits I’d had before the challenge.

At the beginning of this year, my weight had gradually increased to a point where I didn’t even want to get on the scale, and I was often tired and worn out. I decided to surprise my wife and join her, fully engaged, in healthy eating during the Spring Challenge. As I ate healthy, I decided to start working out (since I had a lot more energy.) My workouts gradually increased from a couple times a week to now, everyday.

I feel confident with my body and have real physical goals for the first time as an adult that I feel like I can achieve. I weigh less than what I weighed as a senior in high school and am more fit overall than I was then as well (and that was almost 20 years ago.) If it weren’t for a smaller belt I bought during the Fall Challenge, all of my shorts and pants would be falling off my hips!

I’m proud of my journey this year and thankful for the Clean Simple Eats community for helping me gain a confidence I haven’t had in a long time! It’s awesome to have made a lifestyle change that no longer ends when a CSE challenge ends.

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