Jenny's Transformation Feature!

Dear Erika and JJ,

I just wanted to write and thank you for how your meal plans and products have changed my life. In just 9 months, I was able to lose 80 pounds, and have kept it off for a year! My husband has lost (and kept off) 65 pounds.

We discovered your plan through Jane Rhodes, who was in our ward when she lived in Massachusetts. Several of our ward members have joined CSE because of the results they saw in us - it was pretty dramatic. Am enclosing pictures - me with my son before he went on his mission, and when he came back (in July 2020). A side benefit of my weight loss is that I now enjoy posing for photos!

The recipes are wonderful, and the food is delicious, but the real benefit is the fact that I was (and am) able to keep to the plan and be consistent. This has spilled over to a lot of other areas of my life and caused me to be more confident in my ability to take on a challenge and succeed.

I was just watching my husband eat the Lemon Chia Pancakes and thinking that we are so fortunate to have discovered this wonderful way of eating. Every meal tastes incredible and I look forward to eating (and even cooking) like I never did before. Don't get me wrong, I always looked forward to eating, but it was usually with a twinge of anxiety or guilt, knowing that what I craved was probably not really good for me nutritiously. Now I can eat the foods I love, especially during the cold, dark winter months, and feel good about it!

We are enormous fans of your protein powders. Every day we split a shake, and thanks to your huge selection, we have a seemingly endless variety of flavor combinations. And the treats! So good.

I can't help but compare your plan with the gospel plan. There are guidelines, and if followed, your life is so much richer and fuller because so much of the superfluous, distracting and harmful is not even an issue, and you can concentrate on what is truly important.

Thank you again for all your hard work and for being such a great example. And thank you for all the wonderful Offbeat Butters flavors! They are incredible!

Since I reached my goal weight, I have felt so much stronger. I move faster, feel more resilient and am able to accomplish more than I could when I was overweight, discouraged and lethargic. Following this eating plan has truly changed my life!

In sincere gratitude,