Our Summer 2019 Finalist, Reed!

Read his story:

Congrats Reed!

My before and after photo’s are definitely NOT my transformation story. My purpose for taking the CSE challenge was to build more muscle and eat healthier foods. I see a lot of differences between my “before” and “after” pictures but the main difference is how I feel. Before I started this challenge I would take advantage of my lean build and active lifestyle by eating whatever I wanted. It didn’t matter how many milk shakes or chocolate bars I ate because I would stay thin regardless. The CSE snacks and treats were perfect because I needed them to curb my late night sweet tooth and follow my eating schedule. After the first week of eating clean foods I realized something that was life changing. I no longer felt like I needed energy drinks to get me through the work day. I used to drink 2 red bulls a day and would almost never go to the gym without caffeinated pre-workout. I am not trying to shame anyone by saying caffeine is bad, but I used caffeine every day to wake me up and get me through the afternoons. Every day around 2-4pm my body crashed and I used caffeine to stay productive. After the first week of this challenge I stopped drinking energy drinks because I no longer needed them. Not only did I have more energy, I felt like I had more endurance during my workouts and my skin started to clear up. I was amazed with how I could feel so good ALL DAY LONG. It feels kind of funny to say that healthier meals & snacks made me a happier person, but it’s so much easier to remain positive in life when you feel good and have energy.

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