May 22, 2019

Our Spring 2019 Finalist, Jordan!

Can you say RELATABLE? Ya know, when you get busy with life and your health goes by the wayside. Who’s been there?! We are floored by Jordan’s overall transformation!! Congrats on all your hard work @jordanb_pics!! Read his story:

Congrats Jordan!

Hear from him in his own words:

“I’m a full-time student, full-time employee, first and foremost a full-time husband and father. For the last 8 years, this has been my go-to excuse for not taking care of my body. I'm likely no different than anyone else participating in this competition. I've tried doing different strategies over the years, with minimal success because taking care of myself was not a priority. The years would go by and I'd be in the same place with the same excuses. I would have an energy drink, or two per day, to keep my eyes open at work, always irritable, tired and didn't like the way I felt and it trickled down into my family. The next thing I knew I was 50 pounds heavier. I knew I would be facing an uphill battle to fix bad habits, and create new ones seemed impossible.”

“We came across the CSE challenge through some friends. They saw a lot of success from following the meal plans. It peaked the interest of my wife and I. We both agreed that our goals needed to be long-term and not short-term; and we would need to take a positive perspective and push through the hard moments together. We jumped right into this CSE challenge with no plans of looking back.”

“Clean Simple Eats provides you with all the tools you need to be successful. The meal plans are delicious, they are not hard to recreate, and the food is good for you. It should not come as a surprise that you have to work for your goals. Having the right tools is the first step to reaching your goals. I started this challenge at a solid 227 lbs full of sugar water and a mindset of “eat all you want whenever you want.” I’m now 193 lbs, prepping meals with my wife, drinking water, and intermittent fasting. I’m not done, I know there are harder days to come, it will take planning and hard work to continue to my progress. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and look forward to the future of what Clean Simple Eats brings.”

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