Our Spring 2019 Finalist, Cathleen!

TODAY, and every #transformationtuesday until the Summer Challenge starts June 17th, we’ll be sharing our Spring Challenge finalists’ inspiring transformation stories! Today we are SO PLEASED to bring you @cathleenchristiansen’s story! 💃🏼 Cathleen’s comeback is one FOR THE BOOKS. She completely turned her health around in just 8 weeks! Read her epic journey below.👇🏻

Congrats Cathleen!

Hear from her in her own words:

My story starts about 4 1/2 years ago, when I had surgery on my hip. I was told I needed to keep my weight down to help my hip function better and stop me from having to have a full replacement. Well, life happened and slowly but surely I started to gain weight. But all along the way, I kept telling myself “you don’t look that bad!” until I reached my highest weight ever.”

“Now, in constant pain from my hip, I couldn’t even sleep, taking Advil every night to try and make it through! I knew I needed to do something, the problem was I couldn’t exercise so I knew it had to be based on healthy eating.”

“So along came the CSE Spring Challenge and I decided to go for it and commit myself to it for 8 weeks, and I’m so glad I did because it has changed my life! I started the challenge following just the food plan at first and slowly was able to add in the exercises after about 3 weeks to where now I am exercising 6 days a week and loving it! I have not had to take Advil for 6 weeks and I’m sleeping through the night!”

“I can’t thank Clean Simple Eats enough for showing me you can eat healthy food that tastes great, and what a normal portion size actually is! And for giving me the confidence that I truly can succeed at this! I know there’s more I have to do but I’m excited for the future and turning the big 50 the healthiest I’ve ever been!”


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