October 27, 2018

Announcing Our Fall 2018 Challenge Winners!

Picking our 2 grand prize winners is always the most difficult for us! In the same breath... it’s also the most rewarding part! We had a record number of submissions come through from the Fall Challenge and WE WERE BLOWN AWAY! Yes, again! It took quite a few sleepless nights and lots of tears (yes I said it!😭) to get through all of these. THANK YOU!! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. For being so vulnerable and allowing us a small glimpse into a very intimate part of your lives.

Our grand prize for our Fall 2018 challenge: a Disneyland getaway trip for two! It includes a 4-day, 3-night stay in Southern California, two adult 3-day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Tickets, and $500 cash for traveling expenses. And we are SO excited to give these prizes away to our two first place (male and female) winners...

Congrats Leesa!

Can you believe this transformation happened in only SEVEN WEEKS?! Leesa got up one day and decided she was ready for a change and she went all in! Hard work pays off! She is beaming from the inside out. Please take time to read her story, it will inspire you! Good job girl, we are so proud of you 👏🏻 

Here's Leesa’s Story:

Good job mama!!!! To say I am excited would be an understatement. When I put my before and after pictures together I was in shock. It is simply amazing what one can accomplish in 7 weeks if they put their minds to it!!! Now I just wish I would have decided to do it 4 years ago:) 

For years I have struggled with food and body image. I have never been “obese” but I have never been content. Since having my fourth baby, weight and body image have been an ongoing issue. Postpartum depression turned into daily depression, and food was the one thing that made me happy (but not really). I would bake a batch of cookies and eat the entire batch. I couldn’t just have one, so eating the entire batch was the only reasonable option. The battle of food was real and it was making me a very miserable person. 

I clearly remember looking in the mirror and not recognizing the woman looking back at me. I looked 7 months pregnant (and I am being generous here), I hadn’t bathed in days, and my pajamas were covered in who knows what. I had probably been wearing them for days. I knew I needed to do something but I honestly didn’t know if I had it in me. How could I make such a big change when getting out of bed each day was major challenge. I am an all in or all out person and making the commitment was tough! I am also an insanely stubborn person and finding a quick easy diet program wasn’t an option. I didn’t want a bar or a magic shake, I wanted food, real food! I wanted to learn how to make a life long commitment and gain a positive relationship with what I consumed. I didn’t want to yo-yo anymore! 

A Facebook friend told me about Clean Simple Eats a few years back. I did what I always do; buy it, get excited about it, and then stack it on the shelf. I stached it for over a year before I decided to try it out. My trial lasted two weeks and then I quit. I stopped and started 3 different time over two years. The fourth time, (this time) I nailed it!!! I was ready, I needed to feel and look different.

Clean Simple Eats, I was shocked (shouldn’t have been though) at how good all the food was! I seriously loved everything I put in my mouth. I have gained a new respect and love for food. It is what fuels every part of my body. Not only am I starting to understand food, but holy water!!!! I seriously never drank water, yuck!! Now, I don’t dare be more than sprinting distance from a bathroom. Healthy food and water are AWESOME!!!

Food was definitely the easy part for me, exercising was a bit more of a challenge. Sleeping till 9 is something I dream of. But each morning at 6am my awesome neighbor was at my house ready to get started. Starting each morning with a good sweet was just what I needed! It gave me the energy I needed to be a better mom of 4. 

I am not at my dream weight, but I feel great!!! I honestly hate even getting on the scale because it tells me one thing when I see and feel something else. I have learned to celebrate the off scale victories; pants fitting, not having to wear spanx, less anxiety, less depression, no itching, less aching, happiness, increase confidence, not looking pregnant, having energy, and feeling strong! There are just so many positives. 

7 weeks is over but I am not done, there are still so many recipes I haven’t tried. Not to mention the three other recipe books I have purchased and not yet used:)
I have learned so much, I am the only one in control of my well being and happiness. Thank you @cleansimpleeats For sending me on the right path!!!

Leesa lost a total of 12 lbs and 16 inches! Congrats Leesa!

Congrats Cameron!

Cameron was hesitant to jump in, but NEVER backs down from a challenge! When his wife challenged him he went ALL IN and committed 💯. That commitment shows 🙌🏻 HOLY SMOKES!! We love to hear that a lot of his transformation was from the inside - it’s not just about looking good, but feeling good too!! Way to go Cameron, what an awesome transformation! Read his story below, we found it to be super relatable and motivating! 

Here are Cameron’s own words:

I have a tendency to gain pregnancy weight with my wife, but I don't seem to lose it like she does. Haha. JK. She has been begging me to change my eating habits. And if my farmers tan doesn't tell you, I'm a roofer and so eating out every single day became my norm. I recently received a whiplash injury making me even less active. So when my wife came upon this lifestyle diet, she knew we needed to implement it. And the challenge got me hooked. I never back down from a challenge. 

I'll admit I was a little hesitant at first because I like good, flavorful food, but to my surprise this food is bomb. Everything tastes so good, and I never felt like I was missing out on a flavorful meal. I really liked that everything was planned out for us - and that dinner became my lunch the next day. Because I leave early for work, that has always been a challenge for me - eating breakfast, and packing a lunch. But honestly, this meal plan made everything 1000x easier for me, and for my wife. 

With 2 kids, and a busy schedule, I've definitely let myself go. But I followed this meal plan down to the T, and I've noticed such a difference in my energy level, and my digestion. I was always coming home from work telling my wife that my stomach hurt, and according to her, I didn't mention that 1 time we were following this meal plan. I even got a gym pass, something my wife is pretty stoked about. My wife has also mentioned that my snoring level is down to a quiet mouse. (And she is singing your praises for that). 

Let's just say, not only has this meal plan put me on a better path for my long-term health, it's making marriages last. Haha. And we plan on sticking to this way of eating from here on out. Thank you guys!

Cameron lost 29 lbs and 18.5 inches! Congrats Cameron!

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