May 12, 2020

Brandy's Transformation Feature!

Can we get a HECK YEAH for our girl, Brandy. She participated in our Winter CSE Challenge and absolutely crushed her goals! The part I love most about her story is how she has inspired others around her to live a healthy lifestyle too! Her story is a MUST READ!

I decided to make my health a bigger priority last summer. I gave up doing my eyelashes so that I could afford joining a gym. It was difficult at the beginning to make the time to attend the gym but soon I became addicted and was going 4-6 times a week.

Several months went by with not much change in my body. There was a little change but not enough that anyone really noticed. I had tried CSE a couple of years ago and knew that I really liked the food and believed that it was a very realistic lifestyle diet. It was something I could sustain forever. I looked up the website and decided to do the challenge for a little more motivation to “stick to my guns.”

Within a few weeks, people started to notice a change. I would go to work and people would tell me that I was melting away. I had no desire to get off of caffeine but noticed that I didn’t need it anymore and no longer drink any caffeine. Others wanted to know what I was doing and I started to motivate others to start a change in their own life.

It is how I’ve been able to make a difference to others that has made the biggest impact in my life. The CSE lifestyle is what has made the physical change in my body but also the mental change that only I can see.

Get more details on our CSE Challenge. 

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