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Kid Shake: Milk Chocolate
Kid Shake: Milk Chocolate

Kid Shake: Milk Chocolate

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Ingredients: Chocolate: Whey Protein Concentrate, Non Fat Dry Milk, Pre-Biotic Vitafiber (IMO) Whey Protein Isolate, Nat. Chocolate Powder, Coconut 50% (MCT) Powder, HOSO High Oleic Sunflower Oil Powder 50%, Xylitol, Fibersol 2, Nat. Chocolate Flavor, Nat. Vanilla Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Stevia 95%, Lo-Han, L-Acidophilus, Vitamins & Minerals, Sea Salt.

The base proteins you’ll find in our CSE Kid Shake are the same grass fed proteins we use in our Simply Vanilla and Brownie Batter protein powders only dosed specifically for children. With the Kid Shake formula, we utilized both whey isolate and concentrate. This way, you get a quick release and an extended release delivery of amino acids. We pride ourselves in the pure and cold processing of our protein which ensures our powders are non-denatured. This method makes it easy on the digestive system and cultivates high bioavailability in each and every scoop. 

While quality protein sources are essential for proper growth, we didn’t want to stop there! Cse Kid Shake is a full and complete nutritional supplement designed with the littles in mind. Check out what else we added:

* A full complement of 36 vitamins and minerals.

* A multi-enzyme blend to aid in complete digestion and eliminate any digestive discomfort.

* 4 billion colony forming units (CFU’s) of probiotics with nano enteric coatings so that they survive the digestive process. 

* Prebiotic fibers to help support gut health and probiotic levels. 

* A blend of plant based omega essential fatty acids. 

* No (like, NEVER!) artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or GMO ingredients of any kind. 

We know how much your kids have loved the CSE recipes on plan! We love our Littles and want them to be putting the best fuel possible into their growing bodies. With the safety, growth and development of kids in mind... CSE Kid Shake was born. 

CSE Kid Shake mixes super easy without a blender and can be shaken into a regular bottle of water for on-the-go nutrition. Make sure you try out our CSE kid approved recipes on the back of each of the Creamy Vanilla and Milk Chocolate flavors!

How is this different from our regular protein?

It’s the same grass fed whey as our use protein but we add vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and omegas that are a bit harder to mask the taste of. That’s why the taste is a bit different. We don’t recommend that you use the Kid Shake in water only. Make a shake or smoothie out of it like the ones you see on the bottle of Kid Shake or any one of the use recipes you find in the meal plan.

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Dayna C.
United States United States
My kids LOVE this stuff!!

We make shakes all the time, and my children are always wanting one of their own. So this product is the PERFECT solution! My kids love it, we love giving them something healthy and delicious, and it makes for the perfect breakfast or snack.

United States United States
Very pleased.

I am very glad I bought this for my kids! It is something that i feel safe and comfortable giving them because the ingredients are so clean. I have also been looking for something that I can make a kids shake with because I don't necessarily love when the kids drink my adult protein shake. I am so glad I found this!

United States United States
Great for Monkey Milk!

My little boy loves a scoop of this blended with a frozen banana! He asks for this for breakfast on the daily!!

Jason G.
United States United States
Slip some good stuff to that chocolate milk for the kiddos

Seriously, fix them up a drink that’s not only super yummy, but healthy and filling too... helps to keep the, “but dad I’m still hungry” complaints down.

United States United States
Such a great option for kids!

Such a great option for a healthy chocolate milk or hot chocolate! Kids can eat so many things full of garbage ingredients that it is so refreshing to give them something that they like and I feel good about them eating.

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