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Crunchy Almond Toffee OffBeat Butter

Crunchy Almond Toffee OffBeat Butter

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This is a blend of dry roasted almonds, pure chocolate, natural English toffee flavoring and almond pieces with a hint of maple sweetness and sea salt. Close your eyes and envision a chocolate coated piece of English toffee sprinkled with crunchy almond pieces. I'm not drooling, you're drooling!

Our products are naturally gluten free and dairy free. However, they are not processed in a nut-free/dairy-free/gluten-free facility. Please refer to our nutritional label for detailed allergen information.


Almonds, Pecans, Organic Maple Sugar, Coconut Oil, 100% Chocolate, Natural Flavors, Sea Salt.



Serving Size: 2 Tbs

Calories: 160

Macros: 17 F / 9 C / 6 P


What natural flavorings are used?

We use a wide variety of all-natural flavorings and extracts including caramel, butter, almond, coconut, mocha, coffee and vanilla. No artificial flavors added.

How long will your products last?

1 year if unopened; 6 months when opened

Do I need to refrigerate my jar(s) once opened?

Nope! In fact, we recommend storing them at room temperature for optimal spread-a-bility ;)

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