Joining the challenge is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Sign Up for Free in the CSE+ App

Download the CSE+ app. Go to the Challenge section. Starting January 3, sign up for the CSE Winter Challenge. The CSE+ app is free to download, and the challenge is free to enter!

Step 2: Take Your Before Pictures

Download the CSE+ app. Starting January 3, go to the Challenge section. Take your pictures using the instructions given. Submit pictures at any time during the 7 week challenge.

Step 3: Get Ready to Rock the Challenge!

Grab a hard copy meal plan or subscribe to the CSE+ app to get your recipes. Grab a buddy. Take your measurements. Clean out your fridge & pantry. Shop for your first week of groceries. Get prepared to start the challenge strong! Let’s go!


Download the CSE+ app to join - 100% free!



  • What is the CSE Challenge?

  • Each season, we host a community based health & fitness challenge. You’ll go through the challenge with thousands of other members of our community! At the end of the 7-week challenge, there is one male and one female grand prize winner chosen for “biggest overall transformation.”

  • What is the "Beyond the Challenge" and how do you choose a winner?

  • This challenge is for those members of the #CSEtribe who’ve been around for a while and have participated in two or more challenges. Your transformation photos and testimonials submitted must span at least 2 full challenges and up to 4 years! We’ll pick one male and one female winner to also take home the grand prize!

  • What’s the grand prize this season?

  • The grand prize for the Winter Challenge has not been announced. The grand prize for the Fall Challenge: CASH PRIZE of $2,500 + a free bag of the NEW protein flavor of the month for a FULL YEAR!

  • How do you choose a winner of the CSE Challenge?

  • This season we will pick TWO 7-week #CSEchallenge winners and TWO #CSEbeyondthechallenge winners! FOUR WINNERS TOTAL! Winners are chosen based on overall transformation, and chosen by the Clean Simple Eats team.

  • What are the dates of the CSE Challenge?

  • The Winter Challenge starts January 4th and goes through February 21!

  • What do I do with my "before" pictures?

  • Submit your front, side, and back facing pictures here inside the CSE+ app starting January 3rd. Download the FREE version of the app. No need to date stamp anything! These pictures will be date stamped for you.

  • What dates (and where) can I submit my "after" transformation pictures?

  • Submit your front, side, and back facing after pictures inside the FREE version of the CSE+ app between Feb 21-22. No need to date stamp anything! These pictures will be date stamped for you.

  • What products qualify me to join the challenge?

  • The CSE Challenge is absolutely free. All you need to do is register here inside the FREE CSE+ app. Make sure you either have a CSE meal plan or CSE+ premium app subscription to follow along with the recipes.

  • Is my information that I submit shared publicly?

  • No information submitted with us will be shared publicly without your consent. Typically, our challengers are so excited about their progress at the end of the challenge, that they are proud to share their before/after images and transformation stories. You will have the opportunity when you submit your "after" form to grant/deny consent to share your images/story publicly.

  • Can I enter with my spouse, partner, friend, mom, brother, sister,?

  • Everyone is welcome to join the challenge 100% free! Each person does need to register individually, so make sure they’ve downloaded the free version of the CSE+ app.

  • Do I have to do the workouts in the CSE Meal Plans?

  • This is optional! We include 7 weeks of 2 different types of workouts inside each meal plan: bodyweight and advanced. You are welcome to use our CSE workouts or do whatever workout works best for you!

  • Can I enter the challenge if I don't have the CSE+ app?

  • If you're having issues signing up for the CSE Challenge via our CSE+ app, please make sure you have downloaded the most recent version of the app. If you're still having issues, please email

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