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Before Pictures

Details for Summer Challenge Below!

After you sign up for the 7-Week CSE Challenge or Beyond the Challenge* (by purchasing your Challenge Journal (between June 22 - July 13th) the next step is to take a date stamped “before” picture on or after July 5th. You will be asked to turn in your “before” and “after” pictures side-by-side at the end of the 7-week challenge.


This challenge, we're introducing a new ways to date stamp your before/after photos. You’ll need a marker, a piece of tape, and blank 8.5x11 piece of paper.

On your paper, please write the phrase:


Tape the paper to the wall behind you, so you can keep your hands at your side for all of your pictures.


Keep your hands at your sides for all pictures. Take one forward facing, one side facing, and one back facing picture. Please do NOT pull up your pants over your waist in your pictures.

You will be asked to turn in your “before” and “after” pictures side-by-side at the end of the 7-week challenge. If you're participating in our Beyond the Challenge, you'll turn in 2 sets of before pictures: 1 from this challenge and 1 from a previous challenge. 

You may take your "before" pictures any time during the 7-Week Clean Simple Eats Challenge, starting Sunday July 5th, but keep in mind that the grand prize ($2,500 + a YEAR of our Protein Flavor of the Month) is awarded based on overall transformation. The sooner you take your "before" images, the better your transformation will be.

Your “before” pictures must be taken with your sign on or after July 5th. Any pictures taken before that date will be disqualified. 

This season we are not requiring you to submit these before images at the beginning of the challenge. Please keep a copy of your "before" pictures to submit alongside your "after" pictures at the end of the 7-week challenge. You will submit here:

*Beyond the Challenge is for those members of the #CSEtribe who’ve been around for a while and have participated in two or more challenges. Your transformation photos and testimonials submitted must span at least 2 full challenges and can be up to 4 years! We’ll pick one male and one female winner to also take home the grand prize!

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