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After Pictures - Closed

After Submissions - Currently Closed


Submissions will be accepted Sunday, February 23rd 9am MT - Monday, February 24th 11:59pm MT. To qualify for the Grand Prize, you must follow these 3 steps: 

Step 1… Take your 3 "after" pictures (1 front; 1 side; 1 back).

Reminder: Please wear similar, tight fitting clothing like you did in your before pictures. Keep your hands at your sides for all pictures. Please do NOT pull up your pants over your waist in your after pictures if you did not in your before pictures - this will disqualify you! All before/after submission photos must be date stamped to qualify for the Grand Prize. "BEFORE" pictures must be date stamped on or after September 9th. "AFTER" pictures must be date stamped before or on October 27th. If you have questions (or just need a reminder) on how to date stamp your photos, click here to watch this video


Step 2 ...Format your before/after pictures together, side-by-side. 

If you have questions on how to format your before/after images together, click here to watch this video.


Step 3 ... Come back to this page to submit your images.

If you have questions, please email us

Grand Prize winner will be announced Monday, November 4th! Follow @CleanSimpleEats for the announcement!


NOTE As part of your submission, you will be asked if you would be comfortable with us sharing your results publicly to our community for (Instagram, Facebook, email). We often feature our best transformations on our Instagram page for Transformation Tuesdays and our "Beyond the Challenge" series. We never share any images without your permission.


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