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Protein Powder: S'mores (Single Serving Stick Pack Sample)

Protein Powder: S'mores (Single Serving Stick Pack Sample)

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S’mores are the epitome of summer, so we just had to recreate everyone’s favorite fireside treat in protein form. We give you: S’mores Protein Powder! Marshmallow-y, chocolate-y magic (with just a hint of those golden grahams), perfect for sunny days (and any day that ends in y). Guaranteed you’ll be asking for SOME MORE of this flave all season long!

You already know that our Clean Simple Eats protein powders have a clean ingredient list and also taste amazing, and now you can try our protein in even more flavors! As a bonus when you purchase, you'll receive a digital recipe book with 6 of our favorite recipes featuring this flavor! Make sure to add OffBeat Sweet Classic to your order to complete your experience with these recipes!

Clean Simple Eats protein powder is healthy, effective and, of course, has a deliciously rich flavor and creamy texture! This is truly naturally sweetened and made from grass-fed whey. The whey is cold processed from start to finish, keeping all of the nutrients intact so your body can actually utilize all 20g of protein! We've also added an enzyme blend to help your digestive system break this fuel down into usable amino acids. We left out all of the artificial junk so that you can feel great about what’s fueling your body! It doesn’t get any better than this!

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