Introducing: Clean Simple Eats Kitchen

Introducing: Clean Simple Eats Kitchen

From our kitchen to your doorstep! These healthy, ready-to-heat meals are 100% CSE-approved (you have probably even cooked some of these in your own home kitchen). They’re all macro-balanced with 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein; the macronutrient ratio we’ve designed all our recipes around and the one we recommend to our clients. CSE Kitchen meals are always fresh, never frozen and come vacuum-sealed to keep them fresh… like you just made this in your kitchen! 

Did we tell you we can deliver these meals straight to your door? We are now offering nationwide shipping to all lower 48 states! The name Clean Simple Eats has never rang more true! Our hope and dream is that CSE Kitchen will simplify your life and become another piece to our program that will help you see progress on your health and fitness journey! Start your subscription now by heading to!


1. Where will you be shipping? Will local pick-up be available?
We will be shipping to the lower 48 United States (this excludes Alaska and Hawaii). Local pick-up will not be available.

2. What is the average price per meal?
The entree cost ranges from $11-$15. The breakfast cost ranges from $9-$13.

3. How many meals per week will I be able to get?
You will have the option to choose between a 3, 5, and 7-day meal plan. Each day includes two entrees with the option to add breakfast!

4. Will there be GF, DF, and other dietary restriction options? If so, are they made in a separate facility?
There will be GF, DF, and other dietary restriction options available but we are not a certified GF/DF facility.

5. Can the meals be frozen?
It depends on the meal. The meals arrive refrigerated and fresh!

6. How long do meals stay fresh?
The freshness varies depending on the meal, but on average they stay fresh for 12-14 days if stored in the refrigerator.

7. What quality of ingredients do you use?
At Clean Simple Eats Kitchen, we believe in creating meals that are fresh, never frozen, using locally sourced ingredients. We are committed to using ingredients that go from field to truck to table. All of our suppliers are USDA certified and we always use top quality meat that is hand cut and trimmed. Our team prepares restaurant-grade meals for your enjoyment, with sauces made from scratch by our team of culinary chefs. After each meal is cooked, it is assembled under refrigeration in recyclable trays and immediately sealed to maintain freshness.

8. Do the CSE Kitchen meals follow the Spring Meal Plan?
You’ll have the option to choose meals from our Spring Meal Plan in addition to lots of our other favorites!

9. Will you be including snacks and treats?
Not yet! We are currently offering breakfasts and entrees (lunch/dinner).

10. Is this a subscription service?
Yes! It is a weekly subscription.

11. How do I track these meals in the CSE+ app?
Coming soon!

11. What's the difference between a single and a double serving?
They both come in a single package. A single serving is 350 calories and a double serving is 700 calories.