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Soothe immediately goes to work on sore muscles and joints! Properties such as menthol, camphor, and capsaicin will pep up your senses and invigorate your aching body with fast acting, long lasting pain relief benefits in every squeeze. 

This is much more than a smell good, feel good lotion! We packed this bottle with real anti-inflammatory ingredients like:

  • Aloe leaf

  • Green tea leaf

  • Orange peel oil

  • Grapefruit seed 

  • Witch Hazel

  • Queen of the Prairie 

  • Yucca root

If you’ve got sore, tired or aching muscles and joints... this one is for you.  Recover better, faster, stronger with Soothe!

For allergies: rub a dime to quarter size amount on the tub or shower walls and take a hot shower. The hot water activates the formula and will help to clear the sinuses.

*no intended use for rashes or sunburns

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