Hustle Hybrid 2.0

Hustle Hybrid 2.0


This is the ALL NEW HUSTLE HYBRID 2.0! This 6 week program was programmed for the athlete in all of us.

Everyone can do this program and anyone that sticks to it will see real results. This is a hybrid program, meaning you will

be utilizing several different training methods. Traditional strength training, HIIT & Tabata, kettlebells, TRX suspension

training and functional training will ALL become part of who you are over the course of the next 6 weeks. If you are

looking for an easy program... this one IS NOT for you. If you are looking for a program that will CHANGE you - mind,

body and soul... look no further. The HUSTLE HYBRID program will torch fat, build long and lean muscle tissue and

leave you feeling strong, confident and ready to tackle anything in your path. It’s important to remember that training is

only a small part of the equation. If you want to optimize your results on the program you need to combine this training

protocol with a meal plan from @cleansimpleeats. With strong programming and a solid macro based meal plan in hand

you have all the tools you need to conquer your health and fitness goals and build the body you’ve always wanted-

STRONG! YOU are 6 weeks away!

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