Antioxidants Super Berry Mix

Antioxidants Super Berry Mix


We use this Berry Antioxidant Mix every day. After our morning workout, we use 1 scoop of the antioxidants with 1 scoop of our Vanilla protein powder. It’s the perfect post workout drink, and if you’re following the meal plan, we drink it in place of 1 snack.

Each serving of CSE Super Berry Antioxidant powder is packed with the essential vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and phyto-nutrients that your body needs to fight back against the aging process and protect your cells. CSE’s Super Berry Mix helps to improve digestion, balance the pH of the body, delivers high-ORAC value antioxidants, cleans the blood and helps to minimize the effects of aging! Sign me up for all of it!

Key Benefits:

Boosts energy
Cleanses the blood
Aids in the removal of free radicals
Helps to manage weight
Improves skin tone
Repairs cells
Fights disease
Improves digestion
Detoxifies the body 

Oh, and it tastes like a strawberry milkshake! #winning

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