November 16, 2020

Katie's Transformation Feature!

Read Katie's story for an inspiring look at how a brand new mom was able to bring balance and order back into her life:

At the beginning of the Summer Challenge in 2019 I was a brand new mom at 3 months postpartum. My story, I'm sure is comparable to many. I didn't recognize myself. My body didn't feel like my own. A lot of things felt out of order and I wasn't thinking kindly about my body image. I decided to finally give the challenge a go, after completing the free week and realizing it was exactly what I was searching for nutritionally. Something that had variety, flavor, all the food groups, and my husband could eat with me. It's been a slow but steady (also delicious) year of working my way through the books. During the end of the 2019 Fall Challenge I hit my pre baby weight goal and switched into maintenance calories (as I was still breastfeeding). During the Spring 2020 Challenge I was able to go into maintenance without the extra calories for milk production and was able to kick it up a notch finally with my workouts. While my weight hasn't fluctuated much since entering maintenance, but I can definitely see my body composition changing and it's such a reassuring outcome to see that staying the course truly has paid off. I incorporated a combination of strength training, hiit, and yoga into my routine. I'm so happy to have found this community. To be able to eat without feeling deprived or guilty. It's really brought a balance and order to that portion of my life and I'm incredibly thankful for the confidence it's brought to me not only in the fitness realm but the kitchen as well!


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