May 19, 2019

Announcing Our Spring 2019 Challenge Winners!

Our Grand Prize for the Spring 2019 challenge: a Hawaii Vacation for two! It includes a 5-day, 4-night stay in Oahu and $1,000 cash for traveling expenses. And we are SO excited to give these prizes away to our two first place (male and female) winners...

Congrats Lisett!

A BIG CONGRATS TO LISETT our Spring #CSEchallenge WINNER!! We couldn’t be more proud of her transformation not only physically but mentally! The best part? She has developed a LIFESTYLE that will last a LIFETIME. That’s what it’s all about! Read her story below:

Hear from her own words:

If you were to tell me 1 year ago I would love working out I might honestly laugh. If you were to tell me 6 months ago I would love meal prepping and eating healthy food I would also laugh while taking a bite of my burger and fries. If you were to tell me 8 weeks ago I would actually look in the mirror and see so much more than a fat postpartum body looking back I would think you are crazy! To say I have been through one of the greatest 8 weeks of my life is such an understatement. What I have learned and how my body and mind have developed has surpassed any expectations I have ever had going into this challenge. When I joined this challenge I expected to be over it within 1 week I expected to be eating flavorless food for the entire 8 weeks to not workout etc. Little did I know after day 1 I was shocked the food was amazing. I thought food this great can not change much but after the 1st week I felt a change with how much energy I actually had. I began to then incorporate the workouts and yes my body was sore, yes I was always winded even during the warm up, but I felt a sense of accomplishment, a sense of independence, a sense of the person I wanted to become. I grew a motivation that I had not seen in a long time, and it felt so good to be a little selfish and want to work hard for something I knew was going to benefit me as a mother, daughter, and myself most of all. One of the most satisfying times during the challenge was to finally be able to complete the Saturday Sprint workout one of the best feelings to get back to doing what I use to do when I was in shape. I may have lost 24lbs, my skin cleared up of any eczema, dropped 3 sizes in pants, and went from an XL shirt size to a M, but in those 8 weeks the best feeling be far was being able to not only look at myself in the mirror notice a difference in my body but to see myself smiling at the hard work I put into my body with pride. It’s far from perfect and may have a few scars and bumps but all those thoughts leave because the biggest lesson I have learned from you guys is that it’s not in the number on the scale it’s about sticking to your goal even when you want to give up! To be happy with the journey! I am happy that I have found a LIFESTYLE that works for me AND that I absolutely enjoy. Thank you guys so much for putting something this easy, delicious, and amazing out there I owe CSE my life! I mean it! I cannot wait to kick some more trash in June and to see my results in another 8 weeks/ 6 months/ in 1 year. Thank you guys again and until June!!

Congrats Cole!

Say hello to Cole, our Spring #CSEchallenge Winner! We were completely blown away by his transformation! I mean, LOOK AT THOSE MUSCLES. We loved Cole’s story because it’s relatable on so many levels. He started making better choices in the kitchen and fueling his body with nutrient dense foods, which gave him a TON of energy and helped him at work, at home, and in the gym! Congrats, Cole! Read his story below:

Hear from his own words:

My wife convinced me to do this challenge and I'm so happy she did. She has bought your meal plans from the very beginning and she uses them regularly. This is the first time I decided to commit to the challenge. My whole life I've been an athlete. I played sports in high school and college. The past few years my wife and I were dealing with fertility issues and trying to have another child. We were finally able to adopt our daughter a year ago but all of that stress led me to create very unhealthy habits. I was still going to the gym but I would eat to cope with stress and depression. I never felt like myself and my energy levels were so low. One of the biggest reasons I was dragging my feet to do the challenge is because I didn't think I could give up my Coca Cola addiction. I thought I needed the caffeine to get me through my day. My wife kept trying to tell me how fueling your body with healthy food and water is the best way to boost your energy levels naturally. I finally decided to give it a try. I cannot begin to tell you how much this has changed my life. I haven't been in this good of shape since I was in high school. I have way more energy than I ever did. My motivation in the gym and at work has increased profoundly. Everyone has been asking me what I've been doing and I love to tell them how Clean Simple Eats has changed me both physically and mentally. I thought it would be great to lose a few pounds and get rid of my love handles. I had no idea the impact this challenge would have on my life. I feel amazing, strong and capable of achieving anything I set my mind to. This is so much more than an eight week challenge. It is a lifestyle transformation and I'm so happy to continue on this journey.

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