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⚡️ Cardio & Core ⚡️

Thanks to everyone who jumped on our IG LIVE sunrise workout this morning! Breaking it down for you below. We’ll see you again next week for our #workoutwednesday at 7am MT!

•Tabata // Cardio & Core

5 rounds.
20 seconds of work.
10 seconds of rest.
8x through each round; alternate the 2 movements in the round.

Round 1

10:1 high knees to burpee
Plank hip dips

Round 2

Double pulse jump lunge
Cherry pickers

Round 3

Plyo prison jack
Sit-up and twist

Round 4

Reverse burpee
Plank toe taps

Round 5

Criss-cross sumo squat jump
Ab bikes

1 minute up downs
30 second rest
1 minute plank hold

Stretch/cool down

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