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• Beautifies & firms your skin

• Strengthens tendons & ligaments

• Provides structure to joint spaces

• Provides age-defying antioxidants

Collagen is a soft tissue, structural protein. Because of this fact, it plays an extremely important role in our overall health and quality of life. Collagen production in the body decreases as we age which causes skin to sag,  tendons to weaken and bones to lose density. Replenishing collagen stores is key in the fight against aging. Supplementing with a quality hydrolyzed collagen also stimulates the chondrocytes to produce more collagen. Win! Win!  So, of the 16 different types of collagen, why did we choose Type II? Great question! Type II is THE ONLY type of collagen that remains a collagen in the biochemical (digestive & absorption) process. It is absorbed directly into the skin and joint spaces as a collagen protein and goes right to work on building that particular space back up. Yes, there are other types of collagen that are beneficial but Type II gives you the most bang for your buck in age defiance, bar none!

We wanted more age-fighting powerhouses to be thrown into the mix so we added these guys to help out with the job:

•  Hyaluronic Acid: The main “ingredient” in joint fluid. Softens joint spaces, alleviates dry skin, speeds wound healing, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

•  CoQ10: Boosts energy and stamina, reduces aches and pains, balances mood, enhances brain function, supports healthy vision, improves cardiovascular function, combats headaches, promotes smooth, youthful skin.

•  MSM: Improves skin health, flexibility, detoxifies the body, strengthens hair and nails, a natural anti-inflammatory, increases energy.

•  Lycopene: A powerful antioxidant shown to have heart, blood pressure, prostate, osteoporosis, skin, and other benefits.

•  Biotin: Supports strong hair and nails, beauties skin, supports metabolism and may even lower cholesterol.

PRO TIP: Looking for the PERFECT post-workout shake? You. Are. Welcome. After a tough workout, you want to get fuel to taxed muscles in a hurry to help with recovery. You want a quality, fast-absorbing source of protein and carbs to replenish glycogen stores and to drive amino acids from the protein into each cell. Fat slows the absorption time of these nutrients so having a post-workout shake with zero fat is not a bad idea! Plus, you get all the added benefits of collagen in a shake that tastes like… well… perfection. 

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