Lindsey's Transformation Story

WOWZA! ūü§© Need some extra motivation this week? Look no further than Lindsey's Beyond the Challenge story! Lindsey participated in both of the Spring and Summer CSE Challenges. Trying to balance raising 5 kids while working a full-time job had her putting her health on the back burner... UNTIL she found CSE! ūüĎŹūüŹĽ We found her story to be relatable on SO MANY levels! Keep crushing it, Lindsey! We'll be here cheering you on!


I cannot say enough good about Clean Simple Eats and the life changing affect it has had on me and my body! I initially started my health journey at the Spring 2020 challenge in April of this year. After having 5 kids in a decade and working full time I was overweight, tired and had no confidence in my health. I was a perpetual snacker of all things bad. I didn't take the time to help myself. None of my clothes fit anymore and I was just plain frustrated with my health and what I had become. I had tried several other programs or "eating right" just to lose maybe a few pounds in a month and then something would occur and I would gain those pounds back. I enjoy eating and especially treats. I would "fall off the wagon" and felt somewhat depressed about my body image and what I had let myself become. My sister introduced me to Clean Simple Eats and I decided to join the Spring challenge. I saw a huge change in my body and my mental game was on fire which continued to motivate me forward. I then couldn't wait to continue my health  journey with the Summer challenge! I told everyone who asked about my health and fitness journey about Clean Simple Eats.

During the Summer challenge I continued to see progress towards my health and fitness goals. Although the workouts still kick my butt, I am to a point where I can finish a cupcake at the end of workout Wednesdays. I held a head stand for a whole 3 seconds in week 7's cupcake! I was able to do 1 pull up in a Hustle workout my husband and I did! Although I saw movement on the scale, my nonscale victories and overall progress that I had during the summer challenge is what I am most proud of! I'm fitting into clothes I forgot I had (and that are very out of style since it has been years since I fit into them)! I took off 2 inches from my chest, 4 inches from my hips and almost 1.5 inches from each arm! I am stronger and my stamina lasts longer during workouts! I am honestly thrilled with the results!

I love the food! Each new dish I tried during the summer was fantastic. There has honestly not been a dish that I have made that I didn't like. Some were more hits with the family than others but overall the meals have been well received and eaten by my 5 picky children! I am proud to be serving them good wholesome food that will fuel their bodies for better! I am proud to step out on the soccer field and play with them or run along side them knowing I can keep up and won't embarrass them (or myself)!

This is not the end. I plan to continue to incorporate Clean Simple Eats meal plans and workouts as a part of my daily lifestyle. I have not reached my fitness goals yet but know that they are attainable and that I can reach them by sticking with JJ and Ericka's program. I can't thank you enough for creating these fantastic meal plans, sharing your exercise expertise with me and helping me become a stronger and healthier person! Clean Simple Eats for the WIN!!

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