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Fall Sample Plan Coming September 3rd

We may be biased but these Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels are one of the best recipes in the Clean Simple Eats Fall Meal Plan! Get this recipe in the first week of the Fall Sample Meal Plan (available for download September 3rd!) and get ready because our FREE Fall Sample Plan will have:

  • 4 snack recipes

  • 1 protein bite recipes

  • 2 breakfast recipes

  • 7 entree recipes

If you like the free first week of the Fall Meal Plan, you’ll LOVE the 90+ mouthwatering recipes in the full 7-week Fall Plan that goes on sale September 3rd! The Fall Challenge starts September 9th. Get more details here.


One of the ingredients you’ll need for the Pizza Pinwheels is nutritional yeast. This may be an ingredient you haven’t heard of before. We LOVE the flavor it adds to the meal, and more importantly, the PROTEIN and nutritional value it adds! If you’ve never purchased it, just note that it’s different from baker’s yeast. You can order it on Amazon HERE or ask for it in your local grocery store in the spices aisle!


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