CSE Holiday Challenge 2019

Who else needs some extra accountability this holiday season?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Well you're in luck because our annual #CSEHolidayChallenge is BACK for round ✌🏻. Grab a buddy and sign up for our 28-Day Holiday Accountability Challenge, which is running November 25 - December 22! 

The challenge is simple:

1. Make your donation

This year, a $5 entry donation is requested (if you'd like to donate more, feel free to "increase" the qty in your cart). Donations are optional but encouraged! ALL donations will go straight to the Usana Kids Eat program that provides food for hungry kids in the Salt Lake City area. With your small donation, we plan to fill 480 bags of food and deliver them to local schools. These schools will donate each bag to a child that would otherwise go hungry during the holiday school break. Many of these kids count on getting breakfast & lunch at school each day. This program helps to fill the gaps when these kids are not at school. We are going to need our #CSEtribe to step up and help us fill these bags! It's going to be a big job and a great opportunity to serve. WE NEED YOU! Please mark your calendars for December 14th from 2pm-4pm and secure your volunteer spot using this form. We'll be volunteering at Bluffdale Point Fitness at 974 W. 14420 S. Suite 5, Bluffdale, Utah.

2. Download Your Tracker

After you make your (optional) donation, you can download our Holiday Challenge Accountability Calendar to help you stay on track! 

3. Grab an Accountability Buddy

Each person needs to have a partner who holds them accountable! If you don’t have one, link up with someone in our Facebook group!

4. Hit these 4 goals each day

✖️Drink half your body weight in ounces of water
✖️30 minutes of exercise (1-2 rest days per week)
✖️Hit your protein goal (30% of your total daily calories)
✖️3 servings of veggies

5. Post on Instagram

Using #CSEHolidayChallenge on Instagram

Post on Instagram throughout the month relating to the challenge.

6. Win Prizes!

Each week, we will choose a winner at random from the hashtags - the more you post, the more likely you are to win. Winners will receive a Clean Simple Eats gift basket (and your buddy will get a gift too!)!

Let's stay on track this holiday season together!

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