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⚡️Bodyweight HIIT Circuit⚡️

Thanks so much to all of you who tuned into our live Workout Wednesday this morning! Unfortunately, our phones overheated and we weren’t able to save the video, but we did get this sweet photo. Lesson learned and next time we’ll work out in the shade. Dropping the written workout for you below! You can find all of the demo videos for these exercises in the CSE+ app under the Thursday - Summer - Bodyweight Workout.

30 seconds of work
15 seconds of rest
4x through the full circuit
90 seconds rest between rounds
Let’s go!

1. Jump Rope
2. Bench/Chair Dips
3. Lateral Shuffle w/ Jump
4. Plank
5. Frog Jumps
6. Burpees
*Rest 90 seconds then start again.

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