Your before pictures must be date stamped on or after June 17th. Any pictures date stamped/submitted before June 17th will be disqualified. For details on how to take and submit "BEFORE" pictures, click here

Click HERE to submit your "BEFORE" pictures, starting on or after June 17th to qualify for the Grand Prize based on overall transformation.   

You may submit your before pictures any time during the 7-Week Clean Simple Eats Challenge, starting June 17th, but keep in mind that the grand prize is awarded based on overall transformation. The sooner you submit your "BEFORE" images, the better your transformation will be.


You must keep a copy of your "BEFORE" pictures to submit alongside your "AFTER" pictures (you will submit both before and after together at CleanSimpleEats.com/after) at the end of the 7 week challenge.  


If you're participating in the Grand Prize for best overall transformation, it is optional to participate in the weekly challenges. 


No information submitted here will be shared publicly. This "BEFORE" form is more for your accountability and to help keep you on track! And remember, your transformation is about more than just your weight! Typically, our challengers are so excited about their progress at the end of the challenge, that they are proud to share their before/after images and transformation stories. You will have the opportunity when you submit your "after" form to grant/deny consent to share your images/story publicly.