Submit Your Spring Challenge 2018

Before & After Pictures 


Submissions will be accepted Sunday, August 29th and Monday, August 30th ONLY. To qualify for the Grand Prize, you must follow these 3 steps: 

Step 1…

Take your 3 "after" pictures (1 front; 1 side; 1 back). Please wear similar, tight fitting clothing like you did in your before pictures. Keep your hands at your sides for all pictures.

Reminder: All before/after photos must be date stamped to qualify for the Grand Prize. "AFTER" pictures must be date stamped on August 29th or August 30th. If you have questions (or just need a reminder) on how to date stamp your photos, click here to watch this video

Step 2 ...

Format your before/after pictures together, side-by-side. 

If you have questions on how to format your before/after images together, click HERE to watch this video. 

Step 3 ...

Click HERE to submit your 3 "Before/After" pictures & transformation story together.

Pictures will ONLY be accepted Sunday, May 20th and Monday May 21st. If you have questions, you can email us at

Grand Prize winner will be announced Monday August 6th